Why you should always keep your cards with you

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One of Bodacious Cases most popular features is the credit card slot on the back. Most people love this feature, but if you’re one of the few opposed to it, let me tell you why it’s important. The first reason is convenience. For those of you who don’t carry a purse already know its not fun to have to carry around a small wallet, especially if you are a girl.emergency

If you are a busy bee and you find yourself running out of the house, barely remembering to grab your phone, we can help you be be sure you’re not forgetting your money and ID too! Wouldn’t want to get pulled over without your license on you! Another main reasons for the card slot is business cards. Arianna Russell, the inventor, owner and CEO of Bodacious Cases, like many other entrepreneurs, need to have business cards handy at all times! You never know when you will meet a new contact.

Remember, if you meet someone great, you could only have a few seconds with them to make a good first impression.  unnamedDigging around in your purse or wallet for a business card may make you look less organized than you really are. So there you have it folks. Consider our credit card slot feature when buying your next case to protect your smartphone! You won’t just have your I.D., credit cards, some emergency cash, a copy of your insurance card and a Band-Aid with you, but you’ll be fully protected with an American made case. Just one of the many reasons Bodacious Cases are great!

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