Why we LOVE our Heroes!

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If you don’t know, we LOVE our Veterans, our country, and maybe even most of all,  our everyday community Heroes throughout the USA! These Heroes perform random acts of kindness whether someone’s looking or not. They are the people you see everyday and one of them may be you!

socialWe aren’t talking about men and women with special powers who run around in capes, although they’re pretty cool too! We are talking about Teachers, Firefighters, Police Officer, a Troop, Moms, Dads, any and everyone who tries to make the world a better place. These people do what’s right just because. When Bodacious Cases hears about a special hero, we always try to personally thank them, and maybe even throw in some iPhone protection. 🙂

Today I challenge you to thank someone in your life who is truly helpful to you and shows kindness each day. If you know a Hero, then go submit their story telling us why they’re your “Hero” on our website! They might just win a free Bodacious Case! For every 12 cases we sell, we give 1 away to a community Hero ANYWHERE in the United States!

We hope you have an absolutely BODACIOUS DAY!!!! 🙂 Now lets go make a difference, one Bo Case at a time!


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