Who says Made in America doesn’t matter?

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3 years to the day after having an idea, I brought that dream to reality and launched Bodacious Cases. My dream was and always has been to keep my products 100% Made in America. As a young female entrepreneur, I used to get told that what I wanted to do wasn’t possible, because:

  1. I was a young female
  2. I didn’t have an engineering, manufacturing, marketing or design background
  3. I wasn’t a “big company” and didn’t have a lot of money
  4. If it was possible, all the “big dogs” would have already done it

Since then, I have overcome a lot of obstacles and people still, to this day, tell me “Made in America doesn’t matter” but I beg to differ. The image below shows some of the foreign made cases that fans from around the country have “donated” to us so that we can possibly send them to ABC World News on Dec. 3, 2015.

who says it doesnt matter

So far I have beaten the odds and have kept my product 100% American made! Unfortunately, as of Dec. 1st, 2014 our products will no longer be manufactured in Nixa, Missouri, which is 15 minutes away from Bo HQ, because the manufacturer is no longer in business. Staying Made in the USA is important to me for many reasons. I have been fighting so hard to raise awareness and spread the bodacious word on “Why American made is important” because, at the manufacturer we were using, 60 people lost their jobs right around Christmas.

To me, buying Made in America is more than just a label. It’s about helping my neighbors and those I know in the community keep their jobs.

Now with 60+ jobs lost from my manufacturer during the Holidays, it doesn’t just affect them, it affects us as a company that used them to produce and manufacturer our iPhone cases. Below is the last image I ever got to take with some of the people who were part of the Bodacious Family. It breaks my heart to see jobs lost because some people think it’s better to save pennies than to save local American jobs.


We have mentioned it before, but now with the manufacturer closing, we are on a hunch to find a new Injection Mold Manufacturer as well as raise money to expand our product line thru a crowdfunding campaign. Our goal is to launch the crowdfunding campaign the first part of January. In the meantime click here to sign-up for the wait-list so we can let you know when we expand our product line. We will also notify you once we get closer to launching the campaign.

We truly appreciate your support! Merry Christmas and we hope you have the best BODACIOUS New Year!



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