Want to become fit this year?

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How many of us said we were going to lose weight this year? According to Women’s Health magazine, weight loss is the number one New Year’s resolution for men and women. However, only 12% of people actual set that a goal to reach. Why is it people think losing weight or getting toned is unacheivable? We are ready to offer some inspiration! Bodacious Cases wants a healthier America! Let us give you just a little push!
bobrianshirtlessTip 1- Keep pictures around you that contain either people or phrases that remind you of WHY you want to lose weight or get fit. It’s so important to know the “why” of goals. Is it so you can boquoteget off medication? Be there for your grandkids games? Just to push yourself? Whatever it is, make it a big “why” and then keep things around you to remind you of it. It helps you to stay on track when you feel like giving up. Maybe make the background on your phone a pic of that six pack you’re wanting or that bikini you want to wear this summer.

Tip 2- Surround yourself with other like-minded and positive people. Research shows that we are more likely to keep pushing when its hard if we don’t go it alone. If going to the gym isn’t your thing or is outside of your budget, grab a couple friends, YouTube some exercises and do them in your living room! Zumba and Yoga are just two examples of what you can do!

Tip 3- Set yourself up for success by planning! Set your calendar for workout times. Also, plan your meals ahead of time. Having healthy snacks ready to go is a wise way to succeed!

Tip 4- The website and App Lose It can help you keep track of what you eat and it will help you so that know what you eat each day.

Tip 5-  If you want to run, walk and challenge yourself Nike has an App called Nike Plus Running that is really good.

Tip 6- Use your calendar for reminders throughout the day. Find a friend and have them help keep you accountable. Be more bodacious and become a better you!

We hope this helps to motivate you and as always, have a BODACIOUS DAY!

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