Using up all your internet data fast?

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Whether you have a smartphone or a computer at your office you may have noticed lately that your internet is running slower or your iPhone is using up its data quickly. Well if you are like many Americans who use facebook on a daily basis then you have noticed that they have changed your settings and videos now auto play in your news feed. That’s a lot of data on your smartphone and is slowing down your computer speed. Not only that, but it’s costing you money!

Here are a few tips to help resolve that.

On your iPhone, go into your phone settings and select “auto play on wifi only” or turn it “off”

Reduce your data by folllowing these simple steps.

Reduce your data by folllowing these simple steps.

On your desktop computer (Apple for us) go to the little triangle top right of your Facebook page, go to settings, down at the bottom is videos, click on videos and move the slider to off.

On your Android device go into app settings and do the same thing

On your Samsung device while in Facebook press the left button next to the home key on the phone, then press settings and when it comes up with the auto play option change to your preference.

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