Not just another Sunday… it’s Veterans Day 2012!

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Veterans Day 2012!

Today I was talking with one of my military friends Tia and I said to her  “My father is a Veteran as well, but I was wondering why do you serve us? You could do anything you want?  Why do you choose to serve us?  What makes it important too you?” She said “ My Grandpa was in the Army in Vietnam and he was shot and the Air Force saved his life by finding him and getting him the medical attention he needed. I joined the Air Force because I was hoping one day I could return the favor and save someone else’s father or Grandpa in the future like someone did mine. Joining the military was the best decision I have ever made and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

So this blog is to you Tia and to the ladies in the picture with you and to ALL of you who serve us today is about you!

Veterans Day 2012!

Today isn’t just another Sunday. Today is Veteran’s Day 2012. Today is the day that Veterans are honored and some places even offer Veterans a free meal. I think today is one of the biggest and best days of the year. With our busy schedules and the every day crazy things that go on in our life, we tend to forget when we see those who serve us in uniform to tell them “Thank You!” Some people may think that you will bother them or you will look silly telling a stranger thanks. But, you never know what that one little “Thank You” will do for that person. It could mean the world to them.

Honoring our Veterans

My father Michael Russell served in the Vietnam War and is a double Purple Heart Veteran. He saw a lot of things happen and came close to losing his life several times. For me, personally, Veteran’s Day happens each and every day of the year. When I’m out and I see someone wearing a uniform or a gentlemen wearing a WWII hat or a Veteran’s hat, I look at them and shake their hand and say “Thank you ma’am or sir for your service”.

You all know that all of our iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S cases are 100% Made in the USA. They are water-resistant and are 
very protective.  I say that all the time because it’s very important to me. Keeping our products 100% Made in the USA has been quite the challenge. Many people telling me to “Go to China, it’s cheaper” or “You’ll save money if you go to China” to “You will never make it if you stay here, it’s not possible”. Well I fought and fought to keep my company here and I did it! My parents and I have taken nearly every penny we have to get this company launched and to keep it 100% Made in the USA.

My father Michael, who is a Vietnam Veteran and my mother Cheri is the best lady in the entire world and she would do ANYTHING for anyone and that is just a couple of reasons why I want to keep my products made here. My parents are the reason I am who I am and where I’m at today. I want to help people and I want to keep our jobs local. I feel that it’s important to help the USA and to help our neighbors have jobs. If we lose that then we’ve lost everything. I believe in doing things because we want too and going with your gut. If we didn’t have our men and women who serve us we wouldn’t have the freedom we have.  That is why I didn’t give up and why I made my products here in the USA 🙂

With that being said I’d like to challenge you to not forget each day when you see someone in uniform to simply shake their hand and tell them “Thank you for your service”. They risk EVERYTHING for us and I don’t think they get told thank you enough. You maybe thinking that you don’t have the time to shake that veterans hand because “I’m busy” or “I’m in a hurry”. That maybe true, but you wouldn’t be busy if it wasn’t for them fighting for our freedom. No matter if it’s today or in 3 months, that’s my challenge too you.

Remember, now through Monday we are giving 25% off all orders $40 or more. Thank a veteran because if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be giving this discount or have the freedom to do so! This would make a great gift or stocking stuffer. Whether you have someone who wants to mix and match their case to their outfit, favorite sports team, logo.

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From everyone here at Bodacious Cases WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!

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