Tips donated by community hero after local tragedy

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Arianna and Shyanne with their Bodacious Cases.

Arianna and Shyanne with their Bodacious Cases.

The community Bo lives in has recently experienced a tragedy. For those of you in this area, you understand the impact the tragic loss of Hailey Owens has had on our community. Less than 30 minutes away from Bodacious Cases headquarters, a ten year old girl was kidnapped and murdered. The Bodacious Cases family sends our deepest sympathies to the family, friends and community mourning her death.

On February 22, 2014 the city of Springfield and surrounding areas showed the world the true definition of community. Over 10,000 people came together at a candle-lighting ceremony in honor of Hailey. A community, became a family.

Emily Wood from KY3 News based Springfield, MO shared a post on Facebook announcing a young mom attempting to help out the Owens family. Shyanne is a waitress and had an unusual connection with this case, a ten year old daughter named Haley. When she heard the news, she decided to selflessly donate all of her hard-earned tips for the day to Hailey’s fund.

People like this are making a difference in a community. With three children to feed and a household to run, Shyanne is focused on making a difference. When I spoke to Shyanne I reminded her she is a hero by saying, “You’re a hero to us, and we really appreciate what you’re doing for our community. It’s something you didn’t have to do, but you did, so thank you…” Her response was simple but said more about Shyanne than any Facebook status could ever post, “I just wanted to do what I could to help.”

Thank you Shyanne, and welcome to the Bodacious Cases family, we’re proud to have another hero.

Thank ya’ll for your support, we hope you have a Bodacious Day!

Smile lots and be nice to everyone,                                                                                                                 Arianna Russell                                                                                                                           CEO of Bodacious Cases

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