The Texas Experience

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482854_422881694472546_1539440724_nLast week, my team and I had a Texas experience that we will never forget. We were there for two weeks, but it was the fastest weeks of our lives.

When I first came up with the idea of an all-in-one, water-resistant iPhone case that was sleek, thin, yet still stylish, 100% made in America, AND that you could customize & carry your cards in it, people told me I was “stupid” and even if it was do-able that “all the big companies would have done it already” or “I was a young female and if I stayed Made in America I wouldn’t make it.” I believed differently though.

This trip to Texas has proven that people do care about products being made in America. People don’t just care about having the cheaper case, but they do care that their neighbor has a job.

Thank you, Texas, for making it loud and clear that “Made in America” does matter. We love y’all and are glad to have hundreds more cases being used around the country. Thanks y’all for coming out to see us – until next time!

-Arianna and the Bo team

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