The “Made in America” song

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We’re kind of big fans of things made in America here at Bodacious Cases, so when we stumbled across the “Made in America” single by the talented Cimorelli sisters, we were smitten, to say the least. The tune is catchy (we bet you’ll be humming it all day long today and long into the weekend) and the lyrics remind us of 4th of July picnics, summer barbecues, American flags, and all that makes the United States the greatest country to live in.

We couldn’t be more proud to say that all of our products are manufactured  in the USA – from beginning sketches to the final assembly, every case is 100% American made. Hence, why we couldn’t wait to share this song with y’all.

I pledge ageliance to the home of the brave
Blue jeans, ball caps, and football games
Fireworks outside on the 4th of July
Summer night barbeque
Bring the apple pie
From the cowboys riding in the pickup trucks
To the girls in the city screamin’ turn it up
Cuz we’re made in America

This might have just become our summer theme song. Or better yet, maybe we’ll make it the official Bodacious Cases jingle?

Have a great weekend!


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