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How much is your product?
Visit our store for more information on prices.

What does Bodacious mean?
Check out this video to see what others thought and you’ll also learn the real definition.

Are your products Made in America?

Yes! We are bodaciously proud to say that our products are 100% Made in America!


Are your cases water-proof?
Our cases are NOT waterproof, our cases are water-resistant,. They are able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely. Meaning if you spill a little water on it that it should help repel it to an extent. The case fits so tightly against the phone it makes it harder for the water to get into the phone. If water should get into the ear/speaker area it will go in the phone.  Our cases are not meant to go swimming with you!

Is the case hard to assemble?

No, our case is a two-piece snap together case that comes with an easily interchangeable band. Watch our video Bodacious 101 from 25 seconds to 1:00 minute mark.

If you place the palm of your hand at the top of the screen and separate the case at the top left hand corner of the case, it will snap right off.

Keep in mind, this will take you a few times to get used to because you’re not used to it. But the ONLY way to get it apart is from the top left hand corner. We did this because if you drop your phone, we don’t want it to pop apart. We would rather it be a little harder to take apart, then to pop apart and break your phone.

Can I stretch the band?

No. The bands are  intended to go over your phone case to help protect it. The bands are not intended for you to pull, stretch, twist or cut.

How many credit cards can you hold in the slot?

You can hold either 1 drivers license and 2 credit cards or you can hold 3 credit cards. If you don’t want to carry those you can hold up to 8 business cards.

How can I clean my Bodacious Case?

We recommend using a Q-tip and water. Once done cleaning, we recommend letting it air dry before putting it back on your iPhone.

Do you warranty bands if the ports fall off or if the band stretches?
No, we do not warranty ports that fall off. These areas are not to be pulled on, twisted, or played with. They are only to be used for opening and closing.

Make sure that your port coverings are closed when sliding the case in your pocket. If you leave this area open, it could rip off. Do not pull on the ports as they could fall off.

No, we do not warranty any stretched bands. They are only intended to go over your phone case to help protect it and accessorize it.
 Please see the warranty and disclaimer for more information.

How do I remove the band from the case?

We recommend removing the band from the right side (opposite side of the volume buttons). Remove it carefully and do not pull the port areas to try and remove!

How do I get rid of the bubbles on my screen?

All you need is some baby powder and a cotton ball. This happens from moisture from a previous case, oils from your hands and face. Watch our Bodacious 101 video at the 5:44 to 6:60 mark to see how to fix this.

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