Band-It Case with credit card slot

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iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S Band-It Case

  • Credit card slot on the back
  • Security lever on the back to help keep your cards secure
  • Area you can stash your cash
  • Water-resistant
  • Sleek and thin
  • Easily interchangeable band
  • Slides easily in and out of your pocket
  • Screen protector on the front and the back to help make it more water-resistant
  • Our case can spin

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The Band-It Case is NOT just a case. It’s an all-in-one water-resistant, two-piece snap-together case that comes with an easily interchangeable colored band. The bands give users the option of changing the look of their cases in a matter of seconds without the expense of multiple cases. It also features a built-in credit card slot that will hold an I.D. and 2 credit cards or eight standard business cards. There’s also is a cleverly concealed place to stash emergency cash. It slides in and out of your pocket easily. And with cash, ID, credit/debit cards and business cards all with the phone, the owner may not need a purse or billfold ever again

No more will you have to worry about either sacrificing your phone’s protection or your sense of style! Our Bodacious Cases are super tough AND super cute! The case colors currently come in your choice of black, white, Bo Blue, hot pink, and red, and you can choose if you’d like a case with or without a credit card slot. The Band-It Case can also spin it’s called the Bo Spin.
Our Band-It Bands are what make this case really unique! You can choose among so many different colors to match your outfit, your mood, or your favorite sports teams!

Explore the color combinations with the Band-It Case by Bodacious Cases. With the Band-It Bands you can match the color of your phone with your favorite character, logo, sports team, charity or even your favorite outfit. The Band-It Case makes it possible to match your business during the day and your favorite sports team later that same night.

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12 Responses to “Band-It Case with credit card slot”

  1. Kristine Luebke

    And, for the record, my otter box broke after two minor tumbles out of my hand. iPhone lived to tell about it. Bo has tumbled a couple of times and remains intact. 🙂 cute, fun, durable… Worth every penny!
    Made in the USA. Brainchild of a wise young woman…. It’s a no brained to support the right product, in my honest opinion. 🙂 I get lots of compliments on my Bo and seems everywhere

    I look I see iPhones. Believe it or not, even some 10-11 yr olds have them!

  2. Emily Kostelnik

    So we had to upgrade our iPhone 4s to iPhone 5s when I broke my phone (heat related accident). Sadly this meant no more bodacious case for a while. However, we decided to give our cases to a friend who is a new mom. She loves them as much as we did. She says its so nice to just grab her phone, diaper bag, and baby to run out the door. She used to have to double and triple check her diaper bag to make sure she wasn’t driving off without it. Now it is all in one place and she is happy. Thank you again. 🙂

  3. Gisyerg B

    At first I was feeling a bit aprehensive about purchasing my Bodacious case since it’s not
    exactly cheap, @ $49.99 is a bit more expensive than the other brand I had. But
    two things sold me, one being the fact that i can hide emergency money from my girlfriend
    in the back side, and two is made in America! I’m happy I made my purchase, I couldn’t
    be happier with my purchase. Thanks!

    Gisyerg B

  4. KES

    I ordered the green case with the credit card slot for my iPhone. While I loved the color, I just couldn’t get used to the feel of the home button. I returned my case and the entire process was smooth and hassle free. The next time I’m in the market for a case, I’ll check to see what’s new at Bodacious.

  5. Tiernan H

    I met Arianna on a plane on the way back home from Las Vegas. After meeting her I’m so glad we met. After meeting her I got a Bodacious Case with Credit Card slot although I’m 13 it still helps. I LOVE my case I’ve dropped it three times and it didn’t make a scratch. Love my case !!!

  6. [email protected]

    I received my case with the credit card slot last week and I LOVE it. I had one before that had a credit card slot, but was not made in the USA. I believe this product is worth EVERY PENNY that it cost. I love that I could take off my screen protector (that was not on very well) and my phone is safe from scratches. Can’t wait to see what new items y’all come up with. I will continue to purchase cases from you for myself and my family. I also keep one of the cards that was in my package to show people the name and where to order one!

  7. Peter J

    I purchased a Bodacious Case w/Credit Card slot … And so far I am very pleased with it. Being made in the USA makes it an excellent choice. This is the first case/cover that I feel will last. I apparently am very hard on my cases and I haven’t had one that has lasted more than 6 months. I feel this case WILL last and perform.

    My only complaint is the control button is not as easy to hit … I really have to use more pressure than I’m used to. On the positive side … I love having the ability to carry my license and credit card right in the phone safely, and he ability to hide $ in the back in case of any emergencies.

    I definitely plan on ordering again as gifts for friends and family.

    THANK YOU for an excellent product!!!

  8. Jaimie

    I love the case, colors, and holding slot for cards! When I would tell my friends where I got it, these were the critism/ideas that were brought to my attention: why is the homw button so hard to push? Is it glow in the dark? How much does it cost? (Most of my friends, young without money, said it was just too exspensive but they liked it a lot!) So, that being said, the changeable bands are awesome and the concept for the card, so maybe a revised home button and
    glow in the dark colors might draw some more people in!!

  9. Patti

    I ordered a case and three bands on December 9th. One December 19th I received an email alerting me that the case had been shipped USPS first class mail. I am thinking it will not be here by Christmas and now need to make back up plans. Incredible that it took 10 days to process the order and then when mailed the case was not sent Priority mail so it would stand a chance at getting to me by Christmas. Disappointed.

    • a_russell

      Hi Patti. So sorry your order didn’t make it to you quicker. We are doing our very best and are sorry if your order didn’t make it in time for Christmas.

  10. Rugged Outdoors

    I am very happy with the band-it case so far. I have the band-it case with credit card slot and band with ports. I was weary at first, being an owner of an Otterbox Defender. I’m an avid outdoorsman and have given the band-it case a true test. It held up to getting smashed on rocks from rock climbing, getting rained on during hiking and me dropping it on a concrete boat ramp. I was surprised to see the screen had no scratches after my adventures. My phone is still working with no cracks or scratches.

    What I don’t like about the band-it case is that it is difficult to press the home button and lock button. I seem to have to use a little more force than normal. The charger port is tight fitting; it fits a normal iPhone wall charger no problem, but I have to take the band off to use my car charger. It did seem a bit steep on pricing. I do wish they had glow in the dark bands or maybe a camo case/band.

    I do like that I can change the bands out to match my favorite team and that it is easy to fit in my pocket. I have gotten many comments as to where I bought my case. Everything seems to fit snugly, which I like for keeping water out. This case has grown on me and now I Love it. It has multiple functionalities for different situations. I would like to see this company expand with new products. Made in the USA is a plus also!