Protecting our loved ones – pets & phones!

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April 9th was my father’s birthday – he may have turned one year older, but he acts one year younger. That same day, my team and I got back around 1:30 a.m. from a two-week bodacious trip to Texas.


On the trip home I told my team that next time I wanted to bring Tinkerbell, my dog that I rescued from an animal shelter in Arkansas. One day, my mother, sister and I went to pick up one Pomeranian and instead we found hundreds of dogs in rabbit cages off the ground – they had never touched the ground or been played with. Being the animal lover I am, we ended up going home with four dogs instead of one! Tinkerbell has been part of the family ever since.

After the long trip home from Texas, I curled up in bed with Tinkerbell by my side – she was dirty, but in my exhausted state, I shooed her off thought, “Oh, she can sleep with me tomorrow after she gets a bath!”

The next day, as we were unloading from the trip, I noticed Tinkerbell was nowhere to be found. So, my team and I split up to look for her. What we found broke my heart – something had attacked her and she is now in heaven with all the other wonderful animals we have lost.

I questioned if I should blog about this, because it’s not really about Bodacious Cases or iPhone cases, but in a way, it has everything to do with it. Our dogs are like our kids and we do everything we can to protect them. And we do the same thing with our phones – we want to protect them and prevent them from getting hurt. And when they do get hurt, we baby them, tell them it’ll be okay, or we get them a Bodacious Case. 🙂

My point is, no matter what you do or how hard you try to protect something, anything can happen. Some things are just meant to be, so we remember the good times – like when we dropped our phones or spilled water on them and the laughs that happened in those moments.

Or, we remember mowing with our best little buddy and cuddling with them at night. Whether it’s a phone or a dog, they all mean something to us. Let’s just remember the small things and try to protect them 🙂

-Arianna Russell

CEO of Bodacious Cases


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