iMake America, Do You?

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Here at Bodacious Cases, every chance we get, we share why all of our products are made in America. For example, did you see our water-resistant iPhone cases on ABC World News with Dian Sawyer Made in America segment? Made in America iPhone cases are close to our hearts and it motivates all of our aspirations.


So, when we found out iMakeAmerica is hosting a contest to find a citizen spokesperson for it’s campaign to raise awareness about keeping jobs in the USA, we decided to send in our own nomination. And here’s what it said…

My name is Arianna Russell and I am a 25-year-old entrepreneur and inventor of Bodacious Cases.

Bodacious Cases makes America by standing strong and succeeding when hundreds of people told us we couldn’t do it, if I hadn’t stayed Made in America I wouldn’t succeed. Yet my company is standing strong and we’re proud to be made in America!

Bodacious Cases was featured on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer and David Muri’s Made in America segment three times in the month of December. Since then we have been able to hire people, give our manufacturer more work and raise awareness of being made in the wonderful USA! My father is a Vietnam Veteran and the least we can do is keep our products here to show all the men and woman who have served us, and continue to serve, thank you.

I believe people of all ages, including children like my nephew and niece, ages 4 and 8, should know why it’s important to keep products made in America – I would love nothing more then to share this with others around the country as the spokesperson for iMakeAmerica!

Thank you for your time.


Arianna Russell

How do YOU make America?

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