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For most people, the 4th of July is the first big party of the summer. From backyard BBQs to beach trips to hanging out with friends and family. We have the freedom to set fireworks off, eat hot dogs, play baseball and, best of all, shoot off and enjoy fireworks.

A lot of parents may celebrate the 4th of July with their kids, but do they really know the true meaning of Independence day? When you wave that red, white and blue American flag be proud. Remember that our Founding Fathers fought for independence from Britain. Here are some tips & a fun site you might like:

This 4th of July is more than just celebrating Bodacious Cases 2nd birthday. It’s about celebrating the freedom of being able to manufacture our iPhone cases 100% in America.

“It’s hard trying to compete with the bigger companies that manufacture overseas,” says Arianna Russell, the 26-year-old, small-town, all-American woman, who is the inventor, owner and CEO of Bodacious Cases.

“It’s about those who have fought for us to have the freedom to make our products in America,” Arianna says.

Bo’s birthday wish is to create 100 new American jobs by this time next year, and every one can help by purchasing our 4th of July Firecracker Special that Bo is running for his birthday.

Did you know that If every American would spend just $64 a year on American-made products, we could create 200,000 jobs in the U.S., according to ABC World News.

In celebration of Bo’s 2nd birthday, he has a gift for everyone! He is offering the Firecracker Special, through July 6, you can buy 1 Band-It Case and 6 extra interchangeable colored bands for $64–a savings of more than 30%.

Giving back is a huge part of what Bo believes in, so for every 12 cases sold on Bodacious Cases’s website, Arianna will give one free iPhone case away to a firefighter, police officer, military person or a community Hero anywhere in the USA. Bodacious Cases chooses each Hero from stories submitted on our Facebook page or website that describe who and why someone’s Hero deserves a free Bodacious Case.

“Being American made is 3-4 times more expensive than manufacturing products overseas. So, we need your help in celebrating our 2nd birthday by liking and sharing us on all your social media pages and by telling everyone you know about our American made iPhone cases. This will help us stay 100% Made in America and not manufacturer our products overseas,” Arianna says.

The company was conceived in 2010, named in 2011 and launched in 2012–all on the 4th of July. Bodacious Cases is proud to be headquartered on a Missouri Century Family Farm.

For more information about Bo and Bodacious Cases, visit

Check out our Firecracker video here:


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