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imagesOver the past few years we have all fallen in love with some of the most popular Apps in the App store. Wonder which ones made it on the “Best of List”? We can tell you!

#1. The obvious, a complete game changer, the Facebook App. We all loved the site and  it was only a matter of time before it became an App. It earned it’s spot on the list! I mean really, do you know anyone without it?

#2. Our favorite music app, Pandora! With this it’s easy to navigate setup and customizable stations, listening to our favorite tunes has never been easier!

#3. Click click! Strike a pose! Instagram stole this spot. The App allows you to take pictures and post them with different filters and captions, so it’s basically Facebook with nothing but pictures. It was an obvious hit for teens, but eventually everyone was in on the action!

#4. Last but not least, this App may not be as exciting as the other apps but it did get some great feedback. Google Maps is our fifth and final app. It seems like we always had it, but it only came out a few years ago.

Go to the Apple App Store to download some new apps!

What App have you played/relied on the most since getting your iPhone?


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