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Just wanted to share the latest adventure for my phone and my Made in America Bodacious Case. My 1.5 year old decided my phone was the perfect candidate for his experiment. It was sent down the laundry chute. It’s a concrete floor with a very thin carpet from the 70’s I believe. And who would have thunk it that I’m telling this tale from my phone now? This case is so bodaciously awesome! My iPhone is perfect. This case is so far toddler proof!

Kayla V

Awesome! I’m so glad to see that you’re growing, and WILLING to grow! So many small or new businesses are happy with things as is. You are showing that US businesses CAN grow! Made in America is the best! Love my Bodacious iPhone case!

Whitney M

Just received my 1st Bo case & I can already proclaim that I am in LOVE!! I love that it’s so much slimmer than my previous case. (I won’t mention the names but its initials are “O”tter “B”ox) and changing the bands to match whatever and wherever will be a piece of cake!! Thanks for making such a versatile iPhone case but most for making it here in the Good Ol US of A! Go Bo and proud you kept your products Made in America.

Becky S

I just received my Bodacious Case… LOVE IT! The quality is amazing. It makes me feel I could drop a pumpkin, smash it with a mallet, drop it in a cup of tea, etc… Makes me feel good to know it will be safe! Love that my case is Made in America, thank you so much for making a great product!

Lisa D

Thank you very much for fulfilling my order in a timely manner. I cannot tell you how much I love my Bodacious Case. I have told my family, friends, etc. and strongly advice them to purchase Bodacious Cases. Customer service was wonderful, product is great and I look forward to more cases!!!

Tony Q

WOW Thank you so much for the true customer service! With this email I just realized who you are and I want you to know this experience with Bodacious Cases has been the best experience in customer service ever! You are doing an amazing job with your company. I had already bragged about Bodacious Cases and your customer service to several family members and neighbors and will continue to do so.

Kelly B

My 2 year old had my phone & I didn’t realize as I was filling the tub up for her bath. I heard her drop something and quickly realized it was my phone. I grabbed it as fast as I could and thanks to my Bo case is just fine!

Cameron H

I’d like to give you a shout out about your iPhone case durability. I purchased one of your cases with credit card holders a while ago. Well, our puppy found my phone and proceeded to chew without my knowledge. To my surprise my phone was no worse for the wear, my iPhone is fine! The screen was intact and not a mark on my phone. What a testament to your case durability. I will be purchasing a new case. Thank you for making such a great product.

Nancy P

Both my wife and I have Bodacious Cases for our iPhone 4’s. I just want to say, that I am so happy for you and your business and the prosperity you are achieving. Not only because I too am a veteran, but because you are making a difference to keep our country strong. Made in America is the best!

Christo A

I love my Bo case! Was at a restaurant and the waitress spilled a whole glass of soda on my phone. Dried it off and the phone still works. Great thanks to the case! Bo even went on vacation this summer to AZ, NV, CO, NM, KS and then back home to MO and everywhere we go people asked where we got our cases. My husband has one too!

Bobbi L

I bought my case at the CMA music festival My phone has never been dropped in liquid until today. My phone went swimming in the toilet. I truly believe thanks to Bo my phone is still perfect! Thanks for making such a great product. Love that it’s Made in America also!! Go Bo!

Annie W

I bought my case at the cma festival. My phone has never been dropped in liquid until today! My phone went swimming in the toilet. I truly believe thanks to my bodacious case my phone is still perfect. Thanks for making such a great product!

Annie Nostro Wortham

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