Surprise Blog Post For Our CEO

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Jonathan the “Bodacious Video Guy

Jonathan here, I’m not usually allowed to write blog posts on here (and technically I’m probably still not allowed) But Arianna is out of the office today, so I thought I would hop on here as an unscheduled guest author.

Normally I am the guy behind the camera for all our bodacious videos, and sticking to what I know I wanted to share this video that Arianna’s Mom (“Bo Mom”) and I put together.

Next week (Oct. 4th) is Arianna’s 27th Birthday. We wanted to have a surprise party for her, but she is way too busy. So we’ve put together this surprise blog post. Our Bodacious CEO has made it very clear that for her birthday she wants to give back to our bodacious customers who have made this year of her life so wonderful, inspiring, amazing, and for lack of a better word, bodacious, so make sure to check out the Buy 1 get 1 free CEO Birthday Sale! Its her gift to you all! We’re not sure when she wanted to end this sale, but since 15 is Arianna’s favorite lucky number I’m going to say it’s going thru Oct. 15th.

As most of you have probably heard by now Arianna is a finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made Contest. This is a really big deal. Both for Bodacious Cases and for the American Made Movement. To win this contest would open up so many doors for Arianna and her company.
Because the contest is voter based, we need as many votes as we can possibly get. Any support would bring us one step closer, and I would love to see Arianna get the gift we know she wants! You can vote 6 times a day, per email address thru Oct. 13th. If you need help voting, here’s a short video showing you how.
Until next time…if there is a next time LOL. Have a bodacious one!
– Jonathan (Bodacious Video Man)

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