A Star-studded CMA Music Festival for Bo & team!

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As you know, it has been my dream for over two years to set up at the CMA Music Festival…and now I have accomplished this dream. I am proud to say there are now more of our cases around the country. There are now even a few well-known country stars proudly showing off their Bodacious Cases!

Slim from the Lady Antebellum band stopped by to pick up a Bodacious Case.

Slim from the Lady Antebellum band stopped by to pick up a Bodacious Case.


Tate Stevens, 2012 winner of X-Factor is now a proud owner of our Band-It case!


Miss Ashley Monroe stopped by to say hello to Bo!

This weekend has definitely been an experience myself and the Bo team will never forget. When you get an artist with security around them take the time to stop everything just to talk to you and learn what you are doing… it’s totally bodacious!

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Besides meeting all the artists and hearing their stories, my favorite thing about the entire event was having a lady stop me in an elevator to say, “OMG, your products are made in america!” – that was amazing!

Another highlight of the weekend was hearing my good friend Eric Von play twice while we were in Nashville. I cannot wait to see him grow as an artist and become famous. Check him out at ericvonmusic.com!

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We had a blast and cannot wait to share some of the things in the works. Let’s just say that you should never give up when people say you can’t do something, because that’s what everyone told me and guess what?! I’m doing it! So can you!

Thanks to our fans for stopping by! We’ll see you next year!

Have a bodacious Monday!

-Arianna Russell

CEO, inventor of Bodacious Cases

PS. For more photos of the CMAs and all the behind-the-scenes going on’s of Bodacious Cases, follow us on Instagram: @BodaciousCases.

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