A 30 Day Journey into the heart of ‘Made in America’

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Josh Miller and I are in the same boat in a way – chasing our dreams and fighting for what we believe in, specifically, products being made in America.

Josh just recently released his documentary: “Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey.” Drawing upon his personal experience of seeing his mother go through a life-threatening disease and his father-in-law losing his job at an aluminum plant, Josh decided to travel across the US in an attempt to only live off “Made in USA” products.

His goal? To answer the following question:

“We are willing to die for our country, but are we willing to BUY for it?”

From economists and business owners to ordinary Americans from coast to coast – this film defines the Made in America movement.

Check out the trailer below! You can order the video online for only $19.99. We promise – it’s totally worth it!


So, what’s your favorite Made in America product? Do you look at where your product is made before buying?

-Arianna Russell

CEO, inventor of Bodacious Cases


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