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Taking Apart your Bo case

Taking Apart your Bo Case

From the top left hand corner

If you need to access your emergency cash, or clean your phone then you must first remove your band before taking your case apart. Do not pull on the ports to remove the band as they will fall off. Use your finger from the front or back and lift your finger to lift the band, then pull the band towards the front to remove it. When removing the band, DO NOT pull, tug or stretch it.

The case has snaps all the way around it, so if it’s dropped then hopefully it won’t pop apart. You must take it apart from the top left hand corner. If you have trouble, then you’re most likely not hitting the top left hand corner. If you try and that’s not enough, then there are 3 spots on the 2 piece case that if you take a dime and slightly turn it, that’ll pop the case apart.

Your first few times doing so will be a little hard, but once you know how it’s super easy.


Port Coverings

Keeps dirt, dust & water out

To help keep dirt, dust & water out of your phone, and allows easy access when charging, or using your headphones. Be sure ports are closed before putting phone in your pockets, or the ports might tear off.

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9 Case Colors

With the Band-It Case you have 9 cases to choose from. When paired with our 12 interchange band colors, you can truly customize your case to your style. Dress your phone the way you dress yourself.

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Water Resistant Screen Protectors

front & back screen protectors to make it more water-resistant

The front screen is scratch & water-resistant, while at the same time offering maximum touch sensitivity so you can relax & know your phone is protected. The screen also helps keep dirt, dust & water away from your phone & protects it.

The back screen keeps your cards from scratching the back of your phone, keeping it in pristine condition which will increase the resell value of your phone. The screen also helps keep dirt, dust & water away from your phone & protects it.

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Sleek & Slim Design

To slide easily in & out of your pocket

We have packed as much protective power as possible into a slim design, so there is very little bulk. Our cases slide in & out of your pocket easily without catching, especially with smaller pockets.

Case weight: 1.2 Ounces

Approx. Case Dimensions:

5 1/4″ Tall

2 11/16″ Wide

9/16″ Thick


Home Button

Sensitive protection for the button you use most

Our iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, & iPhone 5 cases have a covered home button. Designed to keep your phone as protected as possible while still offering sensitivity & precision when you’re navigating your phone.

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Caring for your case

Air Bubbles & Caring
for Your Bo Case

Microfiber cloth or baby powder

Remove all other screen protectors before applying a Bodacious Case, which already has a built in screen protector. If air bubbles or water spots appear, use baby powder and a cotton ball to absorb the moisture under your screen.

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Security Lever

To hold cards in place

The back of our case has a security lever which keeps all your business cards, I.D. & credit cards securely in place. By pressing the lever down you can quickly and easily slide your cards both in and out of the slot. The security lever has an American flag on it to show that we’re 100% made in America.


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Built in Credit Card Slot

Hold 2 credit cards and an I.D. or your business cards

The Band-It Case is NOT just a case! With our built in credit card slot you can hold an I.D. & 2 credit cards or up to 6-8 business cards.

Just grab a couple business cards, your I.D. and credit card and you’re good to go! No need to carry a purse or wallet with you anymore!

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The Bo Spin

A fun, stress reliever

The Bo Spin is a fun stress reliever. If you’re stressed and need to un-stress, just spin your phone. If you have kids, nieces, nephews, or a friend have kiddos and you need to keep them busy or occupied? Then let them do the “Bo Spin”. The neat thing about the Bo spin is it keeps you entertained, it’s fun, and it’s bodacious!

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3 piece design

Three Piece Design

2 piece snap together with interchangeable band

The Band-It Case consists of a 2 piece polycarbonate snap together case. This 3 piece design allows for maximum protection while letting you personally customize your case in a matter of seconds to easily change the look & style. At the same time our three piece design allows our cases to be easily customizable to fit your style

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12 Easily Interchangeable Bands

Customizable & adds extra protection

The Band-It Case offers 12 different band colors to choose from. A band can be switched out in a matter of seconds to match your outfit or favorite sports teams colors. It’s like having several different cases without the expense of multiple ones. Your case, your style!

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Our Logo “Bo” is Part of the Case

Bo smiles & winks at you all the time

We designed the Band-It Case to protect your phone and to be bodacious. Bo is our logo’s name, that came from the 1st 2 letters in BOdacious. The last 2 letters came from US, as it’s Made in the USA. That’s why we have our logo “Bo” as the back of the credit card slot. Weather he is smiling at you from the home button on the front, or winking at you from the back, Bo is always there to protect your phone. We hope you can make this case your own.


Customize Your Case

Customize Our Case with Your Logo

We offer wholesale packages where you can customize your case with your logo. We can put your custom logo on the back of our cases.

For more info email us


100% Made in America

Bodacious Cases is Head-Quartered in Ozark, on a Missouri Century Farm homestead in 1824 by CEO, Arianna Russell’s great-great-grandparents. Bodacious Cases is very passionate about keeping its products 100% Made in America, creating American jobs and by supporting and honoring those who serve and protect us.

100% Made in America

Keeping America Strong


Hidden Emergency Cash

Hidden spot to stash your emergency cash

In the back of your case you have a spot to hide a bill or two. This way you forget about it, and when you need it you’ll have it.

If you don’t want to hide your emergency cash, you can hide your hunting, or fishing permit.

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Everybody needs protection and durability in a phone case. We think our cases are fun, admirable & pretty bodacious! They offer serious protection, and with our color customization options your case can be as serious or as zanny as you want it to be. It’s like having your life in your pocket. It has your contacts, calendar, emails, cherished photos, so why not give it the protection it deserves.

Durability & Protection

Maximum protection

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Giving back to heros

Giving Back to Heroes

Write to us about your Hero

For every 12 cases we sell we give a case to a Firefighter, Police Officer, Troop or a Hero who has done something very Bodacious any age, any they just have to have a iPhone. The way we find our hero is we have you our “Bo Fans” write in and tell us why you believe your candidate should receive a FREE bodacious case. Heroes can be anywhere in the United States.

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Updated on December 12, 2014.

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